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Real Estate Investment & Entrepreneur Boutique
MTF by it’s managing director & founder has been active in real estate for the last 20 years.

MTF holds, together with others, few residential-commercial properties at the City of Tel Aviv.

In addition, MTF has been active in Europe, in Berlin, Warsaw and St. Petersburg, were MTF made few real estate investment, for it’s business affiliates over the year 2005-7.

MTF WIN-WIN MODEL for the development of privet people real estate properties.

We implement our entrepreneurial skills and unique expertise at our Tailor Made funding & financial engineering services, providing our clients best return for their money.

We do it for business entities as well as privet people owning lands, old buildings (especially in the City of Tel Aviv) and that are under use/developed, whom are interested in the development of those properties for the best possible use, not by selling them.

In Israel, MTF such services are known as the win-win model for privet people owning lands, under use/developed properties, or that were inherited by family member that know nothing about real estate, real estate planning, development ect’, suddenly are requested to deal with tons of new information, seeking to make a wise, best decision to develop their property with the right proper partner.

MTF win-win model can be implemented all over Israel with intensive proven expertise in the City of Tel Aviv.

Our win-win model will accompanies you A-Z, searching for the best alternative, via all planning, legal, financing and technical issues to construction and receiving all needed permissions & approvals.

We will Keep It Straight & Simple ( KISS), based on full transparency and open minded with trough partnership.

MTF win-win model insure all involving parties get their best possible return for investment/properties, especially for privet individuals.

As a boutique for real estate entrepreneur, Investment, locally and int’, MTF specialized in residential 20-100 Apt’ buildings purchase, refurbishments and partial development of additional building rights, together with little (10%-20% of floor area) commercial use while implementing our funding and financial engineering practices.

Investment opportunities

MTF has been advertised, from time to time, in the media as well as at it’s web site, a The Investment of the Month, in real estate at the places MTF is investing from it’s own equity and propose sharing on a Friends & Family basis, as a Real Estate Investment Boutique, about 20%-40% of the purchased property tp privet individuals investors.

As such, MTF allow privet Individuals the access to this unique way of investment, bridging the gap of being small, not able to play in large enterprises field.

Such privet individuals joining MTF at it’s investment enjoy taking part at a Tailor Made real estate wise investment, earning higher yield than the average Market yield (about 10%-15% Cash on Cash) and Partnering the Success, Our Success Is Your Success.
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