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Company Profile
More Than Finance Ltd was incorporated on January 2003.

More than Finance Ltd is a diversified financial & funding boutique,
for real estate entrepreneur, Investment banking, insurance & financial services for entities and privet business people.

In Israel, for the last 10 years, MTF provide services to the lead local banks real estate dep’, for projects that are funded and were defaulted.

Up to date, MTF had provided A-Z services for about 1500 Apt’ projects, all over Israel which were all successfully sold.

We provide services to real estate clients, leasing companies and any other Asset Based Lending venture, Cash Flow derive businesses at their funding & financial needs, from greenfield to Success & fund raising.

MTF and founder have a reputable long term relations with the local financial community, both the conservative banking system as well as insurance companies Mezzanine funds, with a direct access to the management decision making level, make MTF’s Time To Market services very short, there for, very Cost Effective.

MTF holds few real estate properties in Tel Aviv.

We implement our entrepreneurial skills and unique expertise at our Tailor Made funding & financial engineering services, providing our clients best return for their money.

We do it for business entities as well as privet people owning lands, old buildings (especially in the City of Tel Aviv) and that are under use/developed, whom are interested in the development of those properties for the best possible use, not by selling them.

In Israel, MTF such services are known as the win-win model for privet people owning lands, under use/developed properties, or that were inherited by family member that know nothing about real estate, real estate planning, development etc.’, suddenly are requested to deal with tons of new information, seeking to make a wise, best decision to develop their property with the right proper partner.

MTF win-win model can be implemented all over Israel with intensive proven expertise in the City of Tel Aviv.

Our win-win model will accompanies you A-Z, searching for the best alternative, via all planning, legal, financing and technical issues to construction and receiving all needed permissions & approvals.

We will Keep It Straight & Simple ( KISS), based on full transparency and open minded with trough partnership.

MTF win-win model insure all involving parties get their best possible return for there investment/properties, especially for privet individual’s.

As a boutique for real estate entrepreneur, Investment, locally and internationally, MTF specialized in residential 20-100 Apt’ buildings purchase, refurbishments  and partial development of additional building rights, together with little (10%-20% of floor area) commercial use while implementing our funding and financial engineering practices.

MTF use Special Purpose Entity/Structure (SPE/SPC) for each property, using it’s local legal & tax advisors.

Since 2004, MTF operates in Germany, Poland and recently in the U.S. starting at Orlando Florida.
All such operations are funding locally by MTF local bankers, such as:

Germany Deal Funding
Germany II Deal Funding
Visteon HQ Funding - Germany
Visteon HQ II Funding – Germany
INTERCO-II Blg’ Funding, Poland
U.S. Deal Funding

For MEGA Infrastructure projects, In general MTF provides worldwide services via MTF cooperation with Taylor- DeJongh (TDJ’s), based in London (www.taylor-dejongh.com).

On 2005, TDJ’s together with MTF were submitting, at a small selective bidding process, a proposal for the roll of International Financial Advisor to NTA, the Tel Aviv light train authority for the raising of amount 3 billion dollars.

Unfortunately, the bidding process was not completed and TDJ’s & MTF proposal was not properly handled.

In particular, for the expending Oil & Gas sector in Israel, on 2009 MTF, together with TDJ’s has approached Tamar’s World Class gas discovery
Sponsors for the role of Financial Advisor. According to information released, the Israeli Sponsors had agreed, separately, to be advised & financed
by European Banks advisors.

See below info Memo provided to the Sponsors

Cover Letter To the Partners August 12 2009
Tamar-Dalit Presentation v2-Final

At Entropy Risk Management Solutions (Client) special request, on June 20, 2012, Mr. Levy Lectured Entropy Risk Management Solutions (Client) & few
selected Colleagues Analysts Regarding Israel Oil & Gas basic’s as well as Oil & Gas Project Financing in general and with relations to Israel Oil & Gas Market.

TDJ’s & MTF are intended to explore the LNG Financial services potential with the Sponsors also for the Leviathan LNG Exploration at the near future.

MTF-Israel Oil Gas & Project Financing-June 20 2012-To Entropy-1

TDJ’s is a world lead independent financial advisor (Advise to Arrange) entity, operates over than 80 countries, advise to PPP, BOT, refineries, oil & gas production projects oil & gas pipe lines, ports, rails, light trains and heavy trains, air-ports coal mining etc’.

This cooperation between TDJ’s & MTF, lack of conflicts of interests (funding & advising !), the ability to provide a crystal clear bidding process, Achieving the best funding suit terms for our client (V,sa,V Int’ banks), puts MTF in a great position  for worldwide funding and financial services for both it’s local and International clients.
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